Aviv Or

I'm a dreamer. I dream -- Not noble things for the world and the sake of its people; I leave that to the optimists -- but for myself. I dream of far away lands with evergreen forests, of seas of blue and purple and green, deeper than any man has ever reached. I dream of mountains that tower to the sky, touching graceful white clouds and looking at everything from above. Of vast plains of sand and grass, stamped by herds of majestic beasts riding with fiery streaks of light glittering on their bodies. The exaltation of an eagle soaring over sharp mountain cliffs and into a mist of clouds. I dream excitement, passion, beauty and power. My art? My art is a porthole through which I can look at all that. It's a step further towards the reality those dreams can be. It's my way of dealing with the world that I've got and the world that I want to see -- and that I do see, in my dreams.