Avram Maslan

School always used to bore me, so while (or more accurately instead of) taking notes I drew random things from deep behind my eyes. It started with pretty standard things - spaceships, little wars, and eventually moved on towards a more even mix of fantasy and science fiction. I've been working on a comicbook type project recently which will run in the science fantasy genre since I couldn't drop any of the things I'm interested in. This gallery, of course, is for that portion which falls clearly in the fantasy section. These pieces are all terribly old - the latest one was from 2004. Since I've just been reminded of the existence of this site I'll try to get some new stuff that's clearly fantasy or sci-fi in nature up. Until I do my more recent stuff can be found at my website (The homepage link on the right) edit 9-25-2010: Added some newer images. I do at least one sketch a day which may be seen at my website but most of it isn't fantasy or sci-fi.