Aimee Smith

Ahoy there. Welcome. My name is Aimee smith, and I love to draw.My artworks may not be the most well made works but I have enjoyed making every single one. I always enjoy people's comments about my work, though I don't see the need to be mean or rude. If you don't like one of my pictures, simple press your back button on your browser, if you have somthing helpfull to say by all means, please post.Have a nice stay!  I like Anime, manga, comics, video games, WOW, fantasy, DnD, Roleplay games, cartoons. Favourite movies Firefly, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Buffy, Angel, Star Terk Favourite books Game of thrones, Anita Blake series, Kiss of Shadows, Lick of Frost, Harry Potter, Sword in the storm