Hey, Well there isn’t much to say I usually write for my own enjoyment and I publish to entertain others with my somewhat strange theoretical derogative of the world and, what not.  I mainly like to write short stories because they seem to appeal to me, primeraly  because you can get a point across in 5-30 pages. Also (unlike Novels) there is some strange satisfaction in finishing a great short story and moving onto another. Almost to such a high extent that you basically end up being addicted and loosing yourself within all these great scriptures (be it the right terminology) I write anything based on feeling and mutual interest so my stories can vary from Fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and many other things mixed in with other genres,  All I can say is that I hope you enjoy my literature, I’m quite open for collaborations and such if I find your work interesting.  Hahaha, I might sound like I’m being all stuck up but I tell you not to worry, I’m actually quite a nice person with a somewhat humorous and cheery disposition so if you want to ask me anything don’t be shy. Well all I can say is thanks for reading.   I like -The glorious mystery of life with its never-ending cessation to amuse, amaze, despair and disgust me almost sanctimoniously. -Cats -Unicorns -Marshmallows Favourite movies Umm.... I have seen so many I forget if I'm honest although i might remember if the movie's name is mentioned Favourite books I am quite an avid reader but my favourite books inclue -Anything by David Eeddings (and the collaborations with his wife) -Ash: a secret history of burgundy & Illario by Mary Gentle - Anything by H.P Lovecraft - Monkey (journey to the west) By Wu Cheng'en And many others, feel free to ask. Favourite music -Thrice -Bad religion -Rancid -The casualties -The Rapture -Robert Johnson -Black ace (B.K Turner) - Stroke9 -Pennywise Ect....

Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 4- Choosing a name!!

 The 4th chapter in the ALS I got tired of calling the little shadow thusly and there were too manu "Its" so i chose to give him a name. 

Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 3- Baby steps

 The third part of the little shaow, this one is a bit longer an offers, what i like to calla a "saint seiya" explanation of the little shows world.  As a spoiler I'll say that the next chapter is the what the little shadow names itself, mainly becaus i am tired of writtig too many "its" and "the little shadow" lines. 

Why the Frog jumped over the wall

 A  little story about the secret lives of animals, mainly frogs holier than thou frogs and paradoxial pacifistic badgers  :).

Post mortem (He & It)

  A litle horor story i wrote, i dont think this story had any emotional significance, maybe trapped furstration? but i dont remember that much. It's more of an "Imagine this" situation, basically what if you die and wake up to your own dissecion with a little twist.  Enjoy.

Adventure of the little shadow chapter 2- Birth

 The second part of Adventure of the little shadow, this instalment goes through how the little shadow came to be in the eternal Void.

Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 1- Time within the eternal emptiness

 The first part of the series, this is just a little prologue of events that lead to the birth of the 'little shadow