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Ashimatu Yoroimoto Sex: Male Race: Tengu Age: 42 Hair: Black feathers all over Alignment: Chaotic neutral Height: 6'4 Weight: 210 lbs . Appearance: Man-shaped, covered in black feathers, with the wings, head, and feet of a raven. He is rather stocky and large, but light, as a virtue of his hollow bones. Feats/ racial abilities: has the ability to change forms at will, as well as teleport himself within a small area. He communicates with humans and non-avian animals telepathically. Tengu are innately gifted in all forms of martial arts and can make harrowing opponents in single combat. Equipment- He usually wears a red kimono and hakama pants. Tall wooden sandals. He carries a no-dachi on his back and an iron fan. He carries no survival equipment, as he doesn't need it, he is at home in the wilderness. He also carries a suit of O-yori armor for combat. Weapons of choice: While he is very skilled in the use of any weapon, including unarmed combat, he prefers a no-dachi as his primary weapon and an iron fan as his backup weapon. His no-dachi has a red tsuka-ito (Hilt wrap) and the tsuba (hand guard) is adorned with a black rabbit motif. The truba contains powerful agility magics.

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