Wilma Axman

   I'M NOT VERY ACTIVE WITH THIS GALLERY ANYMORE. GO TO MY DEVIANTART GALLERY FOR UPDATES. SPANK YOU.    LINK--->     http://orangedjuice.deviantart.com/          --     im 14 years old, and i love music and art! eherrm...when i was like 10, i painted a little pig. it looked kinda good, so i was very happy! after that pig i started drawing more and more..now i just want to get better and better!! i always listen to music when i draw. some paintings just popps up in my head and down to the pen so i dont know what its gonna look like! i play drumms. im in a small band , we just do covers on White Stripes songs. Mostly i listen to rock/pop/punk...like Blur and Ramones...And as you may see, i am not good at english....XD Right now im into the manga/anime  Hellsing...And mostly listen to The Strokes and Guns N Roses...Wooo! Go Wayne Coin and The Flaming Lips!!