Brittany Kuppin

I have always been drawn to fantasy, and we all need to express ourselves, right? I express myself through drawing and writing, tending not to show my emotions when I am hurt, I instead take it out in my drawings, stories, and poems. I hope that somehow my works will make you feel something. If not, perhaps you may simply appreciate them. I will do custom drawings, but my resources are not unlimited, so I will do three free drawings for you, but after that, we can negotiate a fair price. E-mail me if you want to contact me.Please go easy on my art, I am just a thirteen-year-old girl trying to make it in the art world-_-. I appreciate constructive critisism, but please don't harass me . (By harass, I mean going over every little thing I did wrong without telling me how to improve)I update often, so expect stuff about every ten-eleven days or so.