Lara Mattison

I work in Theatre, generally in and around Halifax NS. I don't write very much these days, but when I do it tends to be short, silly stories.

The Guidance Counsellor

A very silly story that I wrote for a friend after watching way to many vampire TV shows, and having a conversation about how there should be some sort of vampire medical drama. I sat down to write that, but ended up writing this instead.  

Flying Dragon Airlines

Air travel, fantasy-style. The story is loosely based on real life events. I really don't like flying. There is a picture of the narrator, Karia, here.

'Fluffy' or “How did a Space Cat end up in the Lost City of Atlantis anyway?”

Once upon a time, my school had a creative writing club where writing actually got done. A game we liked to play was one where we drew a character, a job, a place, and a situation. I drew 'Space Cat', 'Door to door salesmen', 'The lost city of Atlanatis' and 'Having a full stomach from lunch'. It ended up as this very silly story.

A Case Unprecedented

This rather silly fairytale was written as a writing assignment for english class. It was supposed to be 'inspired' by a poem we read in class, Yeat's 'Lake Isle of Innisfree' but other than a brief mention of a cottage by a peaceful lake, it's completely unrelated. It has a rather crazy storyline, rather like a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, because I've been spending much of my time helping out backstage at a local G&S production and I always loved the crazy plot twists. (The title is from the song 'Here is a case unprecedented' in Gilbert & Sullivan's Gondoliers.)

And the Piano Played. . .

...a story of dentists, vampires and killer pianos. This was originally a story that my friend Lauren and I wrote for our French class. Thus it was in french, but I translated it and changed most of the names. There's a random mention of Maupassant, a french author who wrote short stories, because my teacher really liked him. Lauren gave me permission to post it.

The Wizard

A very short and silly story. I hadn't written anything in a while, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. . .

The Tale of the Knight and the Dragon

This is a very short little story I wrote to got with my 'Knight and Dragon' tile. A lot of people suggested different explanations for what is happening in the scene. This is mine.