Paula Lenon

As previously stated, I'm a budding poet ever looking to the guidance my God offers. He's the best teacher! through I write stories from time to time, poetry is my main objective. And, ultimately, I look for a way to say"Lord, You are Awesome and Holy, forever before me. Unknowable is Your name, unsearchable are Your ways." As you can see, I am blown away by my God. I hope to portray Him justly in all I do and say. In every word I write, may He be there.  Favourite books Chronicles of Narnia, the Hobbit, Giver of Roses, the Circle trilogy

Genesis (2

In the peaceful, uneventful empire of Ta'anakh peaple don't expect things to happen...until the heiress vanishes. And an old nymph guard is the only one to witness it. His young partner won't believe him, but will the emperor when his daughter is nowhere to be found?  

Takes one to know one(part 3)

Lord Melvane's written account of the tragedy. This is the reason they have summoned Xortan Layne. Vengeance is strong...

Takes one to know one(part 2)

Hunting monsters is one thing, but being invited into the home of such refined people as the Melvanes is another matter entirely. For Xortan Layne, business is slow and this might be his big break! But there's something dark this couple is hiding...

Takes one to Know one (part one)

 the story of a man who hunts monsters.

Great Uncle Nick

 Honestly, I didn't know what this poem was about 'til I read it to my dad. He explained it to me. Thanks, dad. :DApparently, the speaker of this poem is a girl who enjoyed the magic of Christmas. But something happened when she turned nine. The magic seemed to die. Maybe someone told her Santa wasn't real, I don't know. But Christmas wasn't the same. Until she had her own family, and with her young children the magic was reborn. 

Genesis of Sedition

 A page from an ancient king's diary, his fury spilled over the papyrus scroll.This  is a sort of prologue for one of my stories, in which a madman seeks to control the known world. This king's family have been envious of the emperor for centuries. a darkness broods in their blood, seeking a way to spill forth. Will this evil  be contained? or will it be allowed to defile the whole empire? *Marda (mar-day), the seventh month of the year.**emr (em-er), the year in which the O'reign empire was established.

Vashtee Summer

 In the midst of a winter storm, a far away place beckons...  For some reason this reminds me of C.S. Lewis's Narnia...

Song of the Sages

 There is a song that brings life, even to the darkest places, where mortal cannot reach. It dispels the black and raises up from the ashes those caught in the trap. It gives breath even to those who do not deserve it. But it cannot and will not force its life onto those who won't receive it. ...Will you accept it?

Wisdom of the Sage

 Wise words this one speaks. He knows exactly what you seek. Will you listen to all he has to say? Will you stop and with wisdom stay?