Samantha Fortier

I'm 27 years old and have been writing since I was a kid. I have always loved stories and I wanted to share my own with others. There is something about writing that makes me feel alive and I want to share that excitement with others. I want to show others that they have a voice and that they are not alone. That their stories are just as important as any other person's story. I want to inspire and encourage others through my writing to go out there and live life and to go after their dreams.

(Final Draft) You Can't Fly: Chapter 01

Amolas has grown up all of his life hiding who he truly is. A secret that could be dangerous if found out by the wrong person. He has never understood what that meant. Until he is forced to reveal his secret to save someone's life.

You Can't Fly (Also Known as Kristen) Part 11

 The plot is thickening once more! For some of you, you'll recognize this scene in an older version of the story. It seemed to fit better here and made a lot more sense to me at least. I think that we are starting to near the end of the beginning, but not quite there completely yet. Let me know what you think :)

Leaving (A side story to You Can't Fly)

 This is a tiny short story, it is from Amolas's mother's point of view. She knows more about a certain person's disappearence than she has ever let on. Again, this is someting that I hope to incorporate into the "You Can't Fly" story at some point :) 

Finally (Part 03)

 This is the final installment in this little short story. It is a side story to the You Can't Fly story. I am considering incorporating it into the other story at some point, but it reveals some important details and I am sure some who have read much of my writings will make some connections *wink* *wink* When I first began writing You Can't Fly, the only connection I thought of was the name, but then slowly things began to take shape. Enjoy! Let me know what you think :)

Finally (Part 02)

 This is part 2 of my Finally story. For some who have read other peices that I have written might see the connections that are presented here. These are interesting revelations and are a part of the You Can't Fly story, but this is not from the point of the view of Amolas, but someone else in Amolas's universe. I bet you can guess :) 

Finally (Part 01)

 This is a part of the You Can't Fly story, but this isn't Amolas. This is someone else within Amolas's world. It is an important piece to the story:) Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

You Can't Fly (Formerly Known as Kristen) part 10

 The mystery girl just got more mysterious and we there are some new developments when it comes to Alex and his friends....

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 09

 This part follows straight after part 8. There is something going on, but Amolas can't quite figure it out and this mysterious girl remains just that, mysterious. 

You Can´t Fly (also known as Kristen) part 08

It's time for another installment of You Can't Fly! I hope you all enjoy! This part explains  how Amolas escapes from the festival and there is a sweet moment between Amolas and Amy. 

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 07

 It's a whole new scene! I thought that this would be a better way to introduce a certain character. Let me know if I could do anything to make it more realistic. In general, let me know if this scene works for you. I've played with this scene in my head for a while now, but I think I at least have something that I can work with when I go back to rewrite. I did have fun imagining the scene at least and I hope that you enjoy it. 

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 06

 If you have read part 5, you should go back and reread it before you read part 6. I changed it up a little because I feel like these two parts flow much better than the old scene did. I hope that you enjoy this part and i hope to be updating on a more consistent basis. 

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 05

Fifth installment of my new version of Kristen. This is a rewriting of the hospitial scene. I think it makes more sense now then it did originally. I hope you guys enjoy:D

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 04

 Finally! For all those who have patiently waited, here it is, the fourth part of the revised Kristen/You Can't Fly. Some of you may guess who will be at the  door when Gwen opens it, for others it will be a surprise. But I figure that there is more of a set up for this scene than there was in the original version of the story. Certain  occurances will make a lot more sense. So, I hope you enjoy, it took me forever to come up with a scene that I liked. 

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 03

 YEAH! I finally have the next (I admit short) installment of Kristen! It literally has taken me forever to write this scene. The only version before this one I liked, I lost>...

You Can't Fly (Also known as Kristen) part 02

 You will see that I have rearranged scenes from the old version of Kristen and added some new stuff as well. I hope that you enjoy! I rewrote this partly because of my fiction class.

You Can't Fly (Formly known as Kristen) part 01

Yet again, I couldn't resist using my Kristen story for a writing class, but I think this is strong and starts out a little different than the original draft. I like how it turned out so much that, I am putting it up. There is for the first time (shock) some interaction between Amolas and his mother, and I feel it is an interesting scene though it might need some strengthening and such. Any way sit back and enjoy. Let me know what you guys think.

Clancy's Backpack

The prompt for this one was an interesting one. We all looked through this tattoo book and each selected one that we liked. Mine happened to be a tiny set of wings. And we were each given a character and this character had the tattoo on a random part of their body and had no idea how they got the tattoo in the first place. And mine happened to be under the right thumb of my character. I didn't get to pick where the tattoo was, the woman who runs our writing group choose. Though where the tattoo was placed, I felt was a good spot. Almost had the random urge to get a tattoo after that.The story is set in the point of view of Eddie's dog (the story was supposed to be set in the point of view of someone who know the main character well.) And a mysterious backpack also has a role in this story (which I haven't gotten to yet, but I will)

Umbrella Man

A story I wrote for my creative writing class a little under a year ago. I kind of enjoyed it and it was inspired by a picture I once saw and the fact that it had been raining so much last summer.

Kristen (A NEW Revised Version!)

This is the new version of Kristen. I wrote myself into a corner with the original version and I am hoping that you all will enjoy the new version of the story. Don't worry most of the characters will remain the same, some events may happen a little differenly but a lot will be retained.I really like how it turned out and you can tell that much has been improved upon, but the story is still told in the same original voice. I had a lot of fun rewriting this and I hope to continue to improve the story.

A Quiet Time

This here is a little "vacation" time for Amolas. This may or may not be included in the final version of the story. I kind of liked how this turned out.

Another Time (A Forbidden Children Side Story)

This is a side story of Amolas and Melody, this shows how their lives are more connected than they remember.


I haven't got a chance to post any forbidden children, but this story (its only a start and I have no idea where its going) Came from a prompt from my creative writing class. Where you had to write about a character with a secret he doesn't want to tell

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 3

I think in my next update I am going to add this to chapter two and make chapter 4 into chapter 3 to make this chapter. In this chapter Sydor tries to leave the village alone under the cover of night, but ends with a friend to go with him... edited 2/28/06

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 18

This chapter is a little faced paced. It may be a bit hard to follow, but I plan to work on it as I am able. Enjoy these updates, let me know if your reading.


I know, another story that has to do with winged characters... well this is a story about a girl named Ellie whose boring life is changed when she finds michael a winged boy

Kristen Part 2

I decided to write more, and decided to add a second part so you find out more about what happens to Amolas. If you somehow ended up here before Kristen go back and read that first.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 10

This chapter Sydor flies for the first time. I know I need to put more in about him flying it just escapes me a bit. He only flies for a breif time though. I hope you enjoy. Melody reveals that she fears Sydor somewhat.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 13

The mystery of Melody's captor is somewhat revealed. Also she can sure take care of herself

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 16

The group is reunited at the inn. Melody has a nightmare about her parents. Sydor and Dameon discuss a few things and he recalls a lulaby. *Note* I wrote the lulaby at random, I even gave it as a gift to someone at her baby shower. *end note*

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 12

Melody and Amolas have an awkward moment.*sniff* poor Amolas. He spends a bit of time with Griffin. The next morning Sydor wakes and finds out from Dameon and Amolas that Meldoy has been captured/kidnapped by?

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 14

They have arrived at Hogmanay. They split up Melody, Amolas, and Sydor visit the temple while Dameon and Pamela scout out a place to stay. Sydor and the others meet someone.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 20

This chapter is going to need a bit of work, but believe me Sydor is not very happy at the end of this chapter. Secrets are revealed as well as betrayal

Kristen Part 3

The third installment of Kristen. I am going to rework a certain scene with Amolas and Gwen, I don't like how it flows and I was somewhat mad at Amolas. Sorry I leave the ending the way I do. The next part is going to be diffcult to write. I'll stop babbling so you can enjoy.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 11

We learn more of Melody's past and that of Amolas , even Dameon. An conversation passes between Sydor and Dameon.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 21

Here is the next installment of the Forbidden Children, I just finally had the timet to put it up. Enjoy and let me know what you think. I am not particuarlly the hugest fan of the this chapter, I may have to rewrite this one a lot.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 1

This is set years after the prolouge. You learn more about Sydor and a few surprising things happen. Edited 2/27/06

Kristen Part 5

Okay guys here's the next installment, sorry if I leave it at a bit of cliffhanger. I will try to get more up as soon as I can, I've just been dealing with a lot for the last month or so

The Forbidden Children: Prolouge

This a prolouge to my story. It helps give some background to the story and how a certain charcter is found. Edited 2/27/06

Kristen Part 7

Okay I have for you the next part of Kristen. My uncle said that he would look at my story. I'm curious about he'll say about it. He's a writer to (still trying to get published though). Anyway. I hope you guys enjoy this one, its a little sad, it may need some work still. But enjoy anyway. Still need to start the next part, all I know is that it's going be interesting.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 5

Here is another short chapter. Amolas is pretty much healed, but Sydor won't wake up. I edited it some, but its still short. 5/5/06

Kristen Part 6

Okay guys here's the next update in the Kristen series. Its definitely an exciting chapter at least for me anyway. I know its been a while since the last update, but updates may appear more since school is almost done and the only thing I will have to worry about is work for a little while. Well enjoy!

Kristen Part 4

I am now adding a new part of Kristen! I am so excited to be posting something new. I will try my best to get more up as soon as possible! I wrote this when I was observing a class for one of my classes

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 8

This chapter involves a few things and Sydor does something both and unexpected and possibly dangerous. edited 6/5/06

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 4

This chapter Sydor and Amolas are found in the snow by a human girl and her wolf. Edit: I made it a bit longer with some interaction between Melody and Amolas and you have a little feel for the geography. 2/28/06

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 9

The next chapter in the story. Its a little short, but its all I have had time for. I have been pretty busy and have had barely time to write lately.

The Forbidden Chlidren: Chapter 15

Dameon meets up with someone from his past. Sydor uncovers something about the avariels and Melody and Amolas disocover an odd tapistry.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 2

This is where the battle begins and Sydor is also faced with a life changing decision Edited 2/28/06

Even Angels Fall

This is story about Sydor's parents. I am surprised about getting a mod's choice for this. I have cleaned it up some so I hope it reads better. I've been thinking about putting this into the forbidden children and using it as a parallel plot, but who knows. I hope you enjoy. Check out the rest of the story before you read this part it makes more sense, but you can if you want to.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 6

This is a longer chapter. Melody has agreed to lead Sydor and Amolas for a while. This is longer than the last few chapters. edited 5/5/06

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 7

Sydor, Amolas and Melody meet someone new and after a bit and not completely willingly allow him to travel with them. What they don't know he is more than he seems

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 17

This chapter is broken up between all the characters. Its quite interesting and may reveal a few things

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 19

This chapter may be a bit short, but it shows the Melody has come out of her shell a bit. A funny moment between her and Amolas

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 22

This is the next chapter, this one needs a bit of work. There is more after the ending of the chapter that I have written, but I don't like the way it is going so I am going to work on a rewrite of it, before I post anymore. Enjoy these two chapters. I can't believe I actually got some new stuff up. I hope to get more up as soon as I can. Enjoy, let me know what you think. I also think this part needs a bit of work.