Jasmin Wanner

MUHAHAHA! First, before you ask: I have at least two identities stuck in the same body. Usually, Azurite and Jasmin are the leading ones. In case some other ID's pop up, I tell you who is also me for better understanding ^_^. Okay, I'm Azurite (plus Rocket!Azzy-chan and Blackazurite), Cyanite, Musashi, Alanie Salite, Inara se'shaye, Elisabeth, Jita, Velu-skalare and Mîrluin Elvellon... for NOW *laughs maniacally* *clears throat* Ahem... Well, on to the more important facts: (ha, you wish for...) I'm 20, Austrian, female, double scorpio, psycho and otaku. I've got a faible for bishounen, especially silver-haired ones. I love everything fantasy (duh! this is Elfwood, after all...) and everything that has wings on it. I'd like to point out that I especially love the Harry Potter series (Sirius Black was my all-time-fav (Note: *cries her eyes out*), with Draco Malfoy and Remus Lupin closely behind) and Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings (Aragorn and Legolas are my personal PROPERTY! *lol* Plus, I also am a BIG fan of the Final Fantasy Series, Dragonball, Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series and Sonic the Hedgehog. I am also VERY fond of shounen ai... of whichever fandom, I always find something *g*... Ah, yes: I wanted to note that you best ignore my constant self-criticism. I just tend to do that, but that's because I always search after my own weak points to correct. However... I don't say that I think my art is bad. I just think I always see how I could have done something better afterwards... that's just me. Regards to: ~Dracaena~, my BESTEST friend who has her own gallery here. We also have our own Oekaki BBS at http://oekaki1.irc-sound.de Malachite, a friend of mine and one of the few girls of my school whom I nevertheless only met by guestbook writing ^_^; Döfegard (David) and Mönerdöner (Mona), my fav cousins, who MAYBE happen to read this someday. Keep on freaking! ^_^ Soooo.....now I'm done for. *drop dead*