Night Crawler

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This is Drey, an RP character of mine and yet another Half-Elf, though this time of a different sort. Drey Leveana is the son of a human mercenary and a darker races of elves who were bred from demons and forest elves.  It's simple to say he lacks what most would consider proper conscience.  Though not evil, quite the contrary, he was driven away from his homeland for having too much morality; he is polite, (in particular to pretty woman) and curteous, he is also cruel and does not find any qualm with inflicting physical pain or even death on those who oppose him, good, evil, or nay, it doesn't matter, he takes no opposition (this is not often a problem because he will not usually dispute another unless he is absolutely certain he is correct).  However,  he is not quick to draw his whip (or his blade as this picture suggests) he has incredible patience and tries to resolve qualms through means other than violence, however only if he is the victor.  Only two beings have ever been given the right to judge him or disprove him, they are his elder brother, and the one he loves (they basically walk all over him because he can't say no), even his pride only goes so far. He is a shadow possessor, able to control the shadimagis by simply summoning it to him.  It took him many painful years to master the trick and a part of him (mentally) was never quite the same.  His weapon of choice is the spike tipped whip.  He is tall and lanky, not very muscular or strong, so he opposed to close combat, though he's not a coward, and as you can see, he will go so far as to participate in swordsplay, if it should be necessary, if that is the case he prefers curved blades such as sabers. The story behind his single eye is bit wacky, but I feel it shows a good deal of his character so I wish to share it. Drey had gone out to replenish simple supplies, such as food, weaponry, candles and matches, the basics for medievil life.  His lover,(who was a drunk) had not expected him to be home for some time moved the dartboard to the door.  Drey, not a social butterfly in the slightest did not dilly-dally as some would and took care of business and went straight home, it was shame that when he opened the door his eye was peirced by an oncoming dart, rendering him permanently blind.  I feel so sorry for him, this was not my doing, but my RP partners.  Needless to say, after that Drey became a bit bitter, and distanced himself from his partner.  After that, the mental and physical shock of losing his eye affected his mentality further and he began to lose complete control of his powers until the shadows began to consume him in his weakness.  It drove him to later do things that he would forever regret, and there was a time that he was no better than his elvin brethrin. *****If any of you were wondering about the reoccuring "lover" part in this and the lack of suggestion on what their gender is, if any of you have considered the possibility that he is homosexual you are almost right.  He as an individual does not take love too very seriously, so when he did find that "special someone" it happened to be my RP Partners character, and that was a male.*****

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