WOW! YOU HAVE STUMBLED ACROSS MY LITTLE PATCH OF THE WOODS! Hello! I’m Katie Babb, a newcomer to the world of art. I’ve always had a passion for fantasy, especially the creatures. Gryphons and wolves are my true passion, though I do hold a soft spot for foxes as well. Here’s a bit more about me: Name: KT Alias: Narabeth Nickname: Bobb, WT (but only to my REALLY close friends), Froot Loop, Twitchy Hobbies:Art, writing (fantasy novels), acting, dog training Favorite book: The Dark Elf Trilogy by RA Salvator,Spellfall, wolf moon, through wolfs eyes Favorite Movie: Dragon Heart Willard, Road to El Dorado, Treasure Planet, Favorite Saying: The flying hamsters of doom are coming to rain coconuts upon your pitiful city MYUHAHAHAHA! Alrighty! There’s a little something about me. Thank you for coming by and remember, anyone who leaves nice or constructive comments gets a cookie, rude comments get a visit from my rabid weasels! Stuff I do and how i define it: Art Trade: in which two artists create a picture and send each other the original. Charater trade: In which two artists draw a charater from the opposite gallery and just post it. *Charaters i trade* Narabeth, Filiden mount, Feverir Commision: YOu ask it, i draw it...for a price that is... Requests: Sometimes I'll take 'em, sometimes i won't!