Cory Babstock

Hi all.... well... where to begin. I am an Art School Graduate although the field of Fantasy work is so very new to me I do indeed rank as a BIG time rookie. Mostly a painter of abstracted form in Art School, very little figurative work. I draw my inspiration from many sources, my subjects are the characters and beasties my D&D group and I encounter or play. Stylistically ( god that is soooooo spelled wrong!!! ) I draw from contemporary comic art I guess.... I love the westernized anime style employed by Joe Maduria in Battle Chasers and thats probally the source I draw from most. As is certainly evidenced by E'nal, but slowly I find a style all my own is emerging. Anyway... thats about it, hope you like the work... please comment freely and do visit again...and again... and again..... And..shameless plug...visit my webpage ' Corys Sketch Pad to see even more of my stuff!!!! Commisions are welcome and encouraged.... need more work people!!!