Sarah Richardson

 I am a 13 year old self -taught catgirlthing who likes to ride horses and run around in big grassy fields that dont belong to me... when I'm not drawing...I will (Hopefully) be putting up stuff soon. I need to figure out how to edit pics on my Dads crappy computer at his office 'cause we don't have a scanner at home. Well we do, but for some odd reason, you need ink to scan anything. (I didn't know that you needed ink to scan things! Very stupid scanner...) I mainly draw horses and other equines, but I'm going to start to do people soon... I ride English and have been riding for 1 year, and I can jump 2 and a half feet. I will be able to jump on a more advanced horse soon, her name is Trudy, and she can jump 5 feet. The thought of jumping that high freaks me out. I haven't fallen off yet... but it's bound to happen sooner or later...And so ends my Bio. Check back in a week or so and see if I've finished posting! (I'm editing one in Paint now...) :DEdit: For some reason the pics aren't showing up... I think that I need to scan more... that could take a while... please hold for 2 months or so...K thx. :DBTW, that's an old picture of me from three years ago when I was 10, my hair is not that color. I dyed it blue, then it faded to black, then dark brown, but now it's either a really dark blonde or a really light brown. Lol. :D I'm going to redye it to look like this: emo hair.jpg but my parents are making me wait until after spring break to dye it because we are going on a cruise and they don't want to be seen with me and my hair like that around rich people. Lol. :D Ahh... I have to go do homework... Favourite movies TITANIC!!!! All time favorite movie forever! (Even though it's not Sci-Fi or Fantasy), FINAL FANTASY VII-ADVENT CHILDREN is the (almost) best movie ever!! The animation and the action sequences are awesome!!! (ALMOST as good of a movie as the Titanic. Almost...) Howls Moving Castle (this movie is GREAT anime, Howl is Awesome!) Animal Planet (Nothing to really say about Animal Planet. It's cool...) Favourite books Harry Potter, Twilight Series, I forget this books name, but it's about in the future when a meateor (spelling?) hits the moon and knocks it closer to the Earth which causes tidal waves and all of these people die, but that's as far as I've gotten. It's a really good book. Favourite music Mika, Pink, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Hot Hot Heat, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Taking Back Sunday, Good Charlotte... wait... NEW FAVORITE BAND!!! NewS is my new favorite band, even though they are japenese and I don't know what they are saying, It is good music to dance around wildly to. Listen to them NOW. I demand you with my mind powers... eminoimeminoime... weeeek is my favorite song, it makes you want to run around. (Well, it makes ME want to run around Lol :D and yes, it is spelled with 4 e's. I don't know why, they're japenese. They can do whatever they want to.) EDIT: Hang On.. Never mind about NEWS. I don't like them as much as one particular singer in the band, MASUDA TAKAHISA!!! He is the best!!! :) (Even though, once again, I can't understand what he is saying)

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