Kat McGrath

I've been writing since I was about eleven, all kinds of things; poems, short stories, working on a few novels. I spend the rest of my time working, raising my son, reading fantasy novels, LARPing, and writing stories.Basicly, everything inspires me. Most of my poems and short stories tend to be about lycanthropes, vampires, or medieval fantasy, although I do have a futuristic sci-fi story or two that I've got notes to write.Check out my other galleries at ramblingbard.deviantart.com and http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/ramblingbard. I like LARPing; playing with my cats; playing with my son; writing; reading; playing mmorpgs Favourite movies Firefly(TV)/Serenity(Movie); Princess Bride; One Crazy Summer; Better off Dead; Star Trek (2008); G.I.Joe, The Rise of Cobra; Boondock Saints; most Disney animated movies (prior to 1999); House; White Collar; Psych; Burn Notice;NCIS; CSI (the LV one) Favourite books The Song of Fire and Ice Series; The Secret Text Series; The Hitch Hiker's Guide Series; Anything by Steven King Favourite music Linkin Park; Evanescence; Nickelback; P!nk/Pink; Lit; 3 Doors Down; Within Temptation; (John) Bon Jovi

Changing Moon

A full moon rises. A tribe celebrates the coming change with a song. This was written as a song for a group of friends in a LARP I play in; they play a tribe lycanthrope characters. Ideally it would be sung with an accompanying slow drum beat although it gets pretty spirited half way through it.

Lone Survivor

This was one of several stories bouncing around in my head with the thoughts of Echoes of Elfwood in mind. It is based off the image of an excellent artist named Gyula Pozsgay: http://www.elfwood.com/~jupiter/Survivor.2876160.html and I recommend that you look though his gallery at all the wonderful pieces he has post. 

Novel Teaser

I have decided, after much inner debate with myself and much exterior debate with my muse, that I would share a teaser for the novel I am trying to write currently.The story takes place in an alternative reality; where the cops are only responsible for minor infractions, genetic research is reaching DNA manipulation to grant super human powers, and there are good and evil forces pulling the strings for some of the worlds finest fighting forces. The world united in one giant despotic society ruled by a benevolant group, as of current. But in the shadows of society, a secret war is waged for control. I could write a term paper here explaining the reality this is based in as it compares to ours, but I've gone on long enough.Enjoy. And comment, please. (As a little aside, did anyone else know that zai is the plural term for sai? I hadn't known that before typing this.)


This is technically a song, but what are song's except for sung rhymes?So, if it's not very obvious, this is about a woman who fell in love and died without realizing she died. And because of that, she is trapped in limbo, ever to wander the world.

The Transformation

Yet another lycanthrope poem I wrote for my brother.

How to get the most out of Your Party's Thief

Yes, I do a lot with thieves and so forth, but that's because they make the most interesting characters. Welp, this I came up with one day while playing Ice Windell 2. There's a book called 'The Adventurer's Guide' and one of the chapters listed in it is 'How to get the most out of your party's thief.' This is true for every adventuring game, no matter if it's LARP or D&D or even a video game system game.

The Weight of the World on My Shoulders 1

Well, here it is...the long awaited and little anticipated new version of this chapter. Enjoy.

The Weight of the World on My Shoulders

Well, I've been playing around with a few characters for a bit and I ended up throwing them all into one big jumble of a story. Basic plot : group of strangers must save the world from a mad-man. *nods* Good sterotype. *nods again*

Traveling Partners

Okay, so this was a story I had up before, but somehow got deleted... So, here it is again.

Hungry Wolf

I asked my brother for an adjective and a noun - that's what he gave me for the title. Then my muse yelled in my head about what I should write, and this is what happened.

Creatures Hunting In the Night

Another thing done for a class. Yes, it's another vampire poem.

Just a Dream

This story I wrote a long time ago and I ended up finding again. I actually won a writing contest with this and wanted to share it with you all.


Okay, this was done because...I was really tired and half way through a book on urban legends. *shrug* What can I say? My muse made me do it?*kinda sounds sheepish*

Twisted in Secret

Okay, so here's the story: My muse and I were sitting around my room staring at the ceiling and talking about how many spots we could see. Then Neil was like 'Kat, you haven't written anything in a few weeks and I'm getting kinda worried about you. I've been giving you some pretty good material.' and I'm like, 'I didn't like any of that. Give me something good.' And so we get this.

Council Fighters

I had to start something interesting for a class my senior year. This is what came of it...and maybe more will be coming too...

Hoarding: Who's Doing it and How to Find Out.

This is another chapter for the Adventurer's Guide; to go with How to get the Most our of Your Party's Thief.

My Tale

This is yet another story by a character of mine. Her name is Phyre (it means burning bright in Armenian). She's my main character in the LARP I play. This is her background story. The 'Mother' she refers to often in this is Gaia.

The Beauty of a Vampire

Done for a class my last year of high school.

Shrowded Past

Okay, I have this character and she had a really cool background, problem was I couldn't fit her into any of my stories. So I turned her into a story of her own.

Traveling Through the Dark

Kinda done for a class, but then I went back and edited it a bit.

Weight of the World on My Shoulders 2

The second chapter of the series. It was about time.

The Procelain Clown

Okay, this is from a dream I had. I don't like clowns, they scare me.

A Story from the Night

My muse made me do it. That's all I have to say.

Fire! Fire!

Another poem from my creative writing class. I'm partial to fire, so I made a parody of Robert Frost's Tiger!Tiger!

Wishes (Prologue)

Okay, this is an idea I've been playing around with and just want some feed back. As you will see, the two main charcters are the fallen angel (who's name is Liphe, but that's not going to actually be found out until the end.) and the vampire; Bane. I'm not sure how good it is so far, but as I write more to the story, I'll try to get it up. There's more characters I need to add in (like some occult hunters, some demons, a pair of 'choosen ones', some dragons, and Bane's posse (the group is really interesting, honest).

Watching from the Darkness

I came up with this from a little doodle I did when I got bored in class the My Sophmore year in high school...Neil probed me with a few ideas and this little poem was spawned to accompony the picture. Enjoy.