Ha ha! Update time! I am 18 now, I failed a couple classes in Highschool, so I have to retake them. Meh. Classes I'm going to be taking: English, Digital Photography, and -blah blah blah- I forget what the class is called. Hm, I need to draw more stuffs. O_o Because drawing stuffs is fun. I use your average yellow 2hb pencil on printer paper. After i do that, I usually clean up (sometimes on another paper even) with a mechanical pencil. I then throw the picture into Adobe Illustrator and do lineart if it's needed. And then I toss it into photoshop. I experiment with colors and styles of coloring in there. All fun, if you ask me. :D Also, besides the aol, and msn thing, you can find me on IRC. I am usually chatting on a server (, to be exact) and I am called Baka_Neko on there. :D So, find me. Ha ha! ^_^ Now, go look at my art. Most of it is older and not that good.