Vicki Boyko

This is my long forgotten Fanart Gallery. Long forgotten, indeed.I am 20, and I am female, and I am from Canda. I am graduated from highschool, and am currently slacking off.I like One Piece. I do not like the American Dub, or Manga of it. I feel that the American version is a travesty to the comic and cartooning industry. With the major cuts, terrible voice acting, mindless edits, horrible editing ability, and story changes, the entirety of One Piece has been changed. I prefer people to refer to One Piece characters by their Japanese name, and how Oda Eiichiro spells it. In other words: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Nico Robin. Most of the other characters and place names I'm not as picky about. Just the main crew. And yes, it's Luffy. The katakana spelling IS Rufi, but when Oda writes it out, it's Luffy. 1) American children are sheltered, not retarded2) People are less likely to copy-cat if they see the dangerous affects of an attack, not the invincibility of a character3) Crosses are not always denoting of Christianity, they are sometimes used for the practicality of the shape.4) Most political issues within a show will not be fully understood by children until they sit back and think it over5) Most children won't care, or notice if a character has sex appealI have learned Japanese, so don't correct me unless I am way off. If you learned various bits of Japanese from ANIME, MANGA, MUSIC, OTHER ENTERTAINMENT, then I don't want to hear your opinion. To put it plainly "STFU".I enjoy TV shows, movies, books, and music for the content. Especially music. I don't listen to music because the artist is attractive. I don't listen because of the genre. I don't listen because I'm a "rebel". I don't listen because the video is cool. I listen for the skill. The talent. The sound. And the emotion. An artist becomes a "favorite" artist for me because I enjoy their talent, their sound, and most of their music. A genre is considered to be a favorite because I enjoy a lot of songs in that genre.Also, I don't care about YOUR opinion on my favorite artists, movies, shows, books, people, things. What I like just happens to be what I like. It doesn't make me different, smarter, cooler, funner, dumber, sillier, sluttier, gentler, angrier, etc than you. I don't devote myself to a single TYPE or STYLE of something. I'm very open-minded, and enjoy a lot of everything.I am generally a happy person, and don't assume otherwise. Assumptions are rather silly, so please refrain from them. If you don't like my attitude, I'm not forcing you to read this, and continue through my small gallery. You can simply leave, and forget about me. It's not a problem. :)