Lauren Banks

Another year, another birthday. I'm 19 and totally and utterly insane. I mainly work in watercolors and gouache when I find the time, but time is hard to find. I will eventually do some fine art, but for now, I am happy drawing furies 24 hours a day, and that is mainly what my gallery consists of. Like many people, I love, worship, and adore animation. (Well, traditional animation that is.) Now for the confusing bit. I have a character named Cat, who is a cat, and she is modeled after my friend...Cat ('magine that). To limit the confusion, I will refer to my friend as CC. The design and character are copyrighted to me, but CC is Cat's player. Got it? Good. NOTE: My work is in no way related to Disney, Redwall, or the art from ANY other artist. Certain flame wars have become exceedingly annoying, and comments pertaining to matters already discussed and solved will be deleted from here on out. WARNING: This page is protected!!! Lindsay Campbell was nice enough to send me a gaurdian to protect my page from evil people and flames. Those who leave mean comments shall be eaten. The Gaurdian is copyright Lindsay Campbell, so no touchie! Here are links to a few of my Elfwood friends: Leona Preston Leo is a talented artist, a great friend, and a wonderful person! If you like well drawn art, this is the place for you. Amber 'Greywolf' McGovern An awesome friend who also happens to be a very gifted artist and a truly nice individual. Be sure to pay her a visit! Christopher D. Shaw This boy has a great sense of humor, with awesome art and a great personality to match! Caitlin Corbett A really sweet artist! Her art is adorable!!! Be sure to check it know you want to! WOLF A feature film in the making! Many of us dream of animating a film, but few of us go further. Help Audrey DeJesus realize her dream and visit her site today!!!