Barika Brown

Hullo! I'm Bari (Barika) and I'm wierd, but then, so are most people that sign up on Elfwood. I draw tons of shounen-ai yumminess, fantastic and mystical creatures (the unicorn being my favorite), and Vampire Chronicles fanart. I draw whatever I want that sets free my soul and emotions. Drawing and writing are my ways of escape. I like to record my emotions and ideas, not only by writing them down in a journal, but by drawing. Who knows? Maybe one day, my ideas will be known to other people and I can make a difference in the world. I'm bad at profiles when it comes to me. When I'm writing roleplay character profiles, however, that's a different story. Anyways, yeah, I don't like to bring attention to myself, just my ideas. Roleplay characters are my ideas...and I love them! ^.^ So I'm just going imagine that I'm writing about a character, other than myself...sort of like...seeing myself through someone else's eyes. Maybe it won't suck as bad, then. I'm one of those rare teens in the days of the future who absolutely loves classic rock. I'm just starting to get into the modern rock stuff. Classic Rock faves are: Queen, Journey, Pink Floyd, David Bowie (It's onlyyy forever...yadda yadda somethin'...) and tons of others that I'm too lazy to list. Modern rock faves, which are fewer, include: Evenescence(sp?), My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and the Gorillaz. Does anyone, besides myself, agree that 2D is a complete bishounen? He's so purdy! So is his voice! ^.^ Reading doesn't satisfy my soul like music and drawing does, but it is another way of escape. My favorite books are mostly Anne Rice stuff like Interview With the Vampire (love the book and movie), Queen of the Damned (book: good, movie: EEW!) and the rest of the Vampire Chronicles. By the way, I think the ending to QOTD is friggin' hilarious. 'Oh Louis! Tell me how bad I am! It makes me feel so good!' Lestat was going a little...over the hill. Reading aloud, one of my more calmer and less eccentric friends was like, 'Erm....where is this going?' Funny! And the movie, while I'm talking about QOTD, just...eeew. It's like the director picked up the book, leafed through it, and said, 'LET'S MAKE A MOVIE!' Geeze. Jesse and Lestat don't even get together! Her and Mael do! They threw out Louis all together, who is the actual person Lestat gets with. He's included in the hilarious ending...which is why it's so funny. *snickers* He's all, 'You should be walled up in a dungeon! You meanie!' and Lestat's just lovin' it. XD Anyways, yeah. Love that book....hate the movie...Movie is nothing like the book. Other faves are The Last Unicorn. I also love the movie version. Vally goooodah. How can you not love Schmendrick and the molesting tree? 'I love you! Love, love, love, love, love!' 'Oh God, I'm engaged to a Douglas Fir!' XD I mean, c'mon! Now onto the television (movies, shows, etc...). As stated, I love Interview With the Vampire. I watch it quite often and know every single word, phrase, and scene by heart. I often reinact my favorite parts in front of my friends. Like Lestat dancing with the corpse. I can sing his little song in French and I dun even speak the language. So I don't know what the words mean. 'There's still life in the old lady yet!' I know that part. ^.^ And let's not forget, 'Oh Louis, Louis...Still WHINNING Louis...' My dad likes that part. Dad was the one who introduced me to Interview. Kudos daddy! I love Louis. Louis's my baby. ^.^ And...I love The Last Unicorn, as mentioned. I love the music by America in that movie. They're...classic rock! So yeah, I love it. ^.^ And the unicorn is so graceful and beautiful. I can identify with her throughout the whole movie, because her journey reflects a human's life. Think about it. Lesse....PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN! I love it for Jack...sorry...Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Jack Sparrow only. Elizabeth? Her teeth scare me and so does her bratty attitude. Will Turner? Purdy...but he's a weenie. The movie's all about the hilarious, witty, hot, Captain Jack! He's even funny in the deleted scenes. 'That would be the French. Latin based of course. Inventors of Mayonaise!' ('I like Mayonaise.') 'Obsessed with raisins...Humiliated grapes, really. Think about it!' (....'I don't know!') 'Eunincs! The lot of em'!' (''I once dated a euninc...'') So, those are the basic movies that I live for. I watch a lot of anime, but pretty much, the only kind I can get my hands on without going anywhere are only shown on Cartoon Network. Showtime Beyond used to broadcast Dirty Pair. That's one of my all time favorite animes! But then they took it off. Durn it. I love Inuyasha, Tenchi Muyo, Read or Die, and all that jazz. My newest anime obsession is Revolutionary Girl Utena. I've never seen the movie, only read the manga for which the movie was based on. Both hold a lot of deep symbols that really make me think, maybe even a little too hard. My brain hurts after a while. But now matter how many times I read the manga, I always figure out something new and have to write about it or something. I hope I'm not alone in this next obsession of mine: Foamy the Squirrel. If you haven't heard of him, you are seriously deprived and splattered to the point of no return! 'FREE YOUR MIND!' 'Give me money! MONEY! Money-money! Mmmmmmm, yeah!' His owner, the goth and less hyper Germaine, is wickedly cool. 'Boob of death! Hiyah! Howaaaahh!' get the picture. The things that go on in Foamy's world are outrageously funny. I'm serious. If you haven't, check.out.Foamy. This outta be the last paragraph. Bear with meh. I would just like to shout out to all you readers out there, be you friend or foe. I don't care if you think my stuff sucks. I don't draw for you. Don't flame me or whatever because I won't respond. Instead, be nice and free your mind. Like I did! (I know kung-fu!...) I also want to shout out to the ones who believe in me like my friends. The rest of the world might not believe in such beasts as myself *all haughty-like*, but there are those who do and accept me for who and what I am. They are Jennifer, Jessica, Rebecca, my beloved Heather, Misty, Bryan, Jamie, and the rest of you. You know who you are! Oh and Critter! Crazy...nutty...person, you! And I thought I was wierd? *shudders*

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