Joe Bornhard

I'm still alive and for the last couple years I've been developing my airbrush skills and using automotive paints to paint motorcycles for an income. It's been a crazy learning process, but I've been enjoying the results. I posted up a couple pics of some bike parts I sprayed and figured the subject matter would fit the theme of Elfwood. I just wanted to show some of your critics out there, that I can do more than computer art. I appreciate most of the comments, but I'm not really concern with some of the ignorant comments that are posted. I don't care if something I've created looks like something you've seen. I just have one rule and that is not to reproduce an exact piece of art that was created by another artist. There are a ton of similar works of fantasy out there, so I DO NOT need to hear about it. It's real difficult to draw/paint a woman with a sword now a days and reinvent it into something new. I really only paint fantasy images to release some of the artistic energy I have inside and I'm not looking to make a career out of it, so consider that before making comments about my work being similar to a famous professional artist, because I'm not trying to replace that person or take work away from them. One last note, please no free art request, nor do I want any involvement in projects. I've got way too much to deal with! Well have a good day and enjoy yourself in 'The Woods!'