Benjamin Battiste

Well,I am a Twenty something guy from Otisville Michigan, and am serving my second enlistment with the US Army. I grew up in Michigan, where I went to school, and earned my Associates degree in art. After that, I enlisted in the Army as an 11B Paratrooper (Grunt infantry). It seemed like a good idea at the time to try and go out and do something completely out of character so I could experience a little more out of life. A year into my time with the army, I got married to a great girl, Liz, who I love more then anything. I hope to one day bring world peace through my art, but since I have always found peace rather boring, this will probably never happen. I am a big fan of British style humor and Japanese Animation. For all The Otaku out there: I watch DUBBED movies! My father is to blame for my interest in fantasy. When I was five, he read me The Hobbit and The Trilogy. My dad has regreted that ever since I started drawing fantasy and Role-Playing. I am interested in all forms of art, writing, drama, and martial arts. I am going to school for a teaching degree in art. (That was before I thought it would be fun to jump out of aircraft for a living!) I also want to minor in History and British Humor. I hope you enjoy my art and can tell me where I can find a 'Babel Fish.' 11B! INFANTRY!!! 1-505, March or Die!