... I have teeth ^..^ And I like sunflowers..... They're pretty... With big shiny teeth... Buster doesn't have ..... Much of teeth... Still he kills ^.^ Einar 'Shadesnake' Stavik If you find his art to be crazy and monstrous, take one look at his angel of inspiration and you’ll completely understand… Emma .C. (''Bloodhawk'') Shave yes I told you to be afraid of those flowers. But you shouldn't just be afraid, you should be very afraid. Cause the Satanic cows are too quite peckish Andy Guest Has a disturbing compulsive obsession for a B&B clock that he still is completely unaware of O.oTry ask him what time it is…. Krystal L. Leach is a happy-go-lucky yaoi & Shounin ai fond girl. Who draws N’ designs guys who are too sexy for their shirt! And shoes for that matter^.^Barbara J. Wickham Is an extremely talented and kind artist who can just look at your art and describe and tell more about it then even you could o.O Melanie 'Coffee Goddess' Wood You should seriously take a look at a couple her nightmare species before you go to sleep at night ^_____^!!!…. No wonder she drinks coffee. Jennifer Russo You wont find any art like hers. Nor an artists with such knowledge of contrast a colours along with and extraordinary and spirited style