Is currently attending college, in hopes of attaining a Bachellor's degree in Graphic Communications. B.C. has also been working as a tattoo artist in a Flint, Michigan studio called 'XTC Tattoo & Piercing' B.C. has been working there for over 4 years now. B.C. is still creating heavily with his PC when ever it is possible. However most of the submissions in the last year have been made through deviantart.com under the name 'AlienHeadBoy'. B.C. is hoping to add a lot more of his art here at Elfwood, very soon.Special Note from B.C.: I know that this gallery needs updating very badly, I will try to find the time to do this and to respond to all of the comments that I may have missed. I am still interested in collaborating on some art pieces with some of you Wicked Elfwood Artists. I would really like to work with cell animation style artists to convert my art into a different style/look...I would love to work with someone who is good at Anime/Manga, I love the style I just don't feel confident enough about drawing much of it on my own, yet...I've tried a few and I'll add them to my fan art gallery soon, but that type of stuff doesn't flow from my blood like some of the other insanities that I create, So if you have anime that needs colored (nice clean solid lines please) then contact me through Email (note: I no longer use ICQ so please do not try to contact me through that program, for you will not reach me. Thanks, Cya & enjoy your journey through my world! updated: 08/02/2005These are a few Artists that have been kind to me during my stroll through the woods, I recommend that you all check them out!!!! *(the list may be small now, but i'm sure it will grow 8)Chantal Peeters (amazing artist & a damn sweet lady 8)     Thomas P. Reidy III (wicked line drawings)