Victoria Jackal' Bean

MYA! I am the queen of the Farf-bunnies! Fear my yaoi-goodness!8/16/02- Finally got my personal photo up, and delted a few old pics to make room for new ones I'll get up soonBehold the glory of (some of) my fav fanartists! Jaime-Chan Kelsey Jax

The Eureka Chronicles - Part 1

It was just another night at Insanity Tavern...until some rather unusual customers decided to drop in....

The Eureka Chronicles - Prologue

Welcome to Eureka...a land where anything can happens and usually does....

The Eureka Chronicles - Part 2

A beautiful young woman with a troubled soul and a kind-hearted vampire...both are looking for the same thing, they just don't know it yet

The Eureka Chronicles - Part 3

Bernardo returns to the tavern only to find Sinza whating for him...could this be love? Or a horrible disaster waiting to happen?

The Eureka Chronicles - Part 4

Three days have passed since the encounter between the two...what next lies in store for them?