'Run! Run away... and never return!' --Scar, The Lion King I look idiotic. (x X)Vital Stats: Name: Viv Alias: Sai, Stormy Age: 26 Last Seen: Job Hunting. Art talent: AHAHAHA! Oh, ow, my stummick hurts... Art style: Mix and mash of things I picked up here and there.Ahem. For the newcomers... Welcome to my Elfwood gallery; 1 of 2 anyway. I mostly scribble out fantasy pictures, and hope that the ones that I do are sometimes good enough to be put on this page. I draw mostly other people's characters, as gift art or recently, as art exchanges for livejournal communities that I've joined. I haven't taken on that many art trades at all, but if you don't mind waiting, I don't mind procrastinating. Just kidding! Really!*cough* But that's enough of that. You're here because some link brought you here. *laughs maniacally* You poor, lost sap. (^_^) I have a solution. Visit Artists Who Are Better Than Me -- Note that the page hasn't been updated in forever and I've yet to actually change the links around to accomodate the new Elfwood URLs. Uhm, I'll get around to that.Comment is good. Comment is yummy.