Katharina Beicher

I'm a student for English and German linguistics at Potsdam university in Germany. But I'm not sure if this means anything.... I have always been fascinated with fantasy and things that don't seem to exist in our world. I have a very lively imagination and you can often find me day dreaming. I draw a lot, and I also do creative writing (not that I finished ANYTHING by now...). I mostly draw animals (especially horses and dogs) and fantasy creatures like unicorns, elves or dragons. Arabian horses do inspire me a lot and since I also like this manga style, these drawings, too. I'm also incredibly in love with Ireland and its culture, that is its myths, legends and history. Furthermore I get inspired by the wilderness and nature ... the moon, mist, landscapes, the sky,... Yep. I haven't found MY drawing technique yet, so I'm drawing with a simple pen. There are still some features of drawing that are some kind of challenge for me - first of all this thing with shadow and lightening... I also want to learn this manga style drawing of hair and proportions, this is what impresses me... Is that enough? Hope so. *blinkblink*