Welcome to my part of the woods.At the moment of writing I am 26 years old. I hail from the Netherlands, and I've been a member of elfwood for quite a while. I love fantasy stuff. I like to draw and paint, and I will try my best to fill my gallery with new works over the comin period of time.Don't forget to check on the 'Other works' tab too :) There's a lot of old drawings from when I was 17-ish, I'll just leave them on here. I find them funny and embarasing to look at both at once ;) I like My biggest passion is training dogs. I draw and paint, and I love drawing on the computer. I have a big interest in animals, I have a dog, a cat and some snakes. I love reading, watching movies. listening to music. Favourite movies Mirrormask Favourite books Neil Gaiman, Terry Goodkind, George R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb. Also like to read on mythology, King Arthur, the bible, conspiracy things, that kinda stuff Favourite music Mainly listen to rock. Only thing I won't listen to is hip-hop and rap, and basicly anything that sounds like a ringtone.
I don't have a website at the moment.