christopher bell

From an early age my work has followed certain threads, until now they have all woven themselves into a tapestry of Celtic and Medieval legends, Pagan folklore, Gothic romanticism and Fetish Imagery. I have always drawn from subjects that have moved and inspired, exited and delighted me. I have always been drawn to Knights, Castles, Swords and Wizards. Anything from the Arthurian tales to the worlds of Tolkien, Robert Holdstock and Mervyn Peake, in fact anything atmospheric, fantastical, mythical and magical. Discovering the wonderful artwork of Arthur Rackman and The Pre Rapaelites, and later, Alan Lee and Brian Froud, I fell in love with pictures that tell the whole or part of a story. In my work I try to take these elements from a tale and reflect them back to the viewer. i am available for commisions and prints are available on my website and my ebay shop ,otherworld illustrations.