Drow Scout

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Luca McWild' Beltrami

A character I created for my Drow DnD campaign. Born in Menzobarran from a minor clan that feverishly supported the temple of Loth, he grew disgusted by his own kin and refusing to accept that anyone could dictate how he had to live. This attitude earned him a very difficult childhood were being beaten until he passed out wans't the worst punishment. As soon as he was old enough, he was sent to the Academy of War to learn the how to fight. There he manged to hide his ideas somewhat better and became one of the best students, mastering any kind of weapons. He was soon selected ot become one of the Scouts, the elite fighters who explore the surface preparing the ground for the retun of the Drows. He usally fights with two bastard swords, but is also a dead shot with his composit longbow and always carries two shortswords just in case. Another picture I really like, not shaded for fear of messing it up. Yup, the thing on his head is a pair of sunglasses, he got them to protect his eyes from sunlight. Done Novermber 2001

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