Benjamin Head

Hi my name is Ben as you probably already know, but I prefer Ben over Benjamin. I am 23 and from South Australia. I don't have very good explanations for any of these pics at the moment, but I promise I will get around to it. All of these sketches were done for either Warhammer Quest or Forgotten Realms.I have also done a clay model of cat woman for a friend. She's my first, so she's not all that good. I also think that she would go against rules since she isn't a drawing and is a comic character. I have put the pictures here. Thanks for stopping by and please come back often as I will hopefully be adding more sketches. Ciao Ben © Feb 2001I don't know this guy but I love his work so go and check it out Utakata Houjyou. Another amazing artist Linda C. Bergkvist This girl is amazing. Go see her gallery this instant!! I'll add more once I start browsing a little.A suicidal Vampire - Past Saviour I am considering drawing a pic to go with this one. Not sure yet.