Berengere Sudmann

Welcome to my corner in Elfwood, I hope you'll have as much pleasure visiting this page as I get when surfing around here. As for the basic information, I'm a 34 years-old French one, living in Paris. I've spent more time this year surfing on Elfwood than really drawing myself. The diversity of the drawings, paintings, writings, artists is truly amazing! It was high time I make a lil effort to contribute and add some of my bits to Elfwood**~* * * I like being a supa woman, mama, friend and artist! Favourite movies 28 days later, 28 weeks later, Jaws, American Horror Story, South Park, Alien, LOTR, Barbarella, Dune, etc Favourite books Dragon Lance, Cavanna's books, Tolkien, Greg Keyes' kingdoms of thorn and bone, Peter Berling Favourite music the Doors, Metronomy, Metallica, Air, SOAD, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Irish, German,