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Yeah, I know nobody ever reads these things. The only way I do is if it's one of my friends. My name's Brian and I live in a small ass town. I decided to keep my profile short this time because I know you all probably hated it.I'm a college student now studying Computer Information Systems. Web development if you wanna be specific. I'm online a LOT these days. So I figure I could get into the swing of writing again.11/28/07 - Hey! I'm ALIVE! Yes, the cobwebs are still there, but I have a bunch of maids working on that. I think I found mold on the cobwebs so I brought in the experts. I have taken an OFFICIAL hiatus from writing Regonian Light and Red Velvet. But I am back and kickin' thanks to the Herscher Project. If you don't know what it is, god this place has changed. Different formats and everything! The default said I was female!!!  Author List: Nina Roussakova - has a REALLY good story!! My favorite here on Elfwood!! Her story 'Torn' is the best!! Cas Alan - Fantasy don't get better than this! James K. Bowers - This man is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend you check out his shelf! Christina L. Corneli - her stuff rules. Story called The Silver Feather I HIGHLY recommend her shelf. Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren - May I present to you the goddess of Poetry Melanie Köhler - This German beauty is really good. Her short stories that are to be finished are cool. Her main story 'Of Dreams and Dragons' is really good too! Artist List: THE Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - I don't think you'll find many artist better than her. Maggie I. Wang - is by far my favorite artist in the world! The woman can draw like...AMAZINGLY! Liana 'MoonWolf' Lavoie - is a good friend of mine and her art is awesome! I like being online and chatting Favourite movies Nothing is on these days. Favourite books The Last Unicorn A Game of Thrones The Darkness That Comes Before Fahrenheit 451 A Storm of Swords A Clash of Kings The Belgariad To Kill A Mockingbird Memoirs of a Geisha Atlas Shrugged Chronicles of Narnia Incarnations of Immortality series Symphony of Ages The Deed of Paksenarrion Jennifer Government random programming books and of course Elfwood stories WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IS MY PERSONAL OPINION AND WILL DELETE ANY COMMENTS THAT ARE OFFENSIVE OR ABUSIVE TOWARDS IT. Fantasy Rant: I generally these days read books that do not fit cliche fantasy. I hate Tolkien's formula, and I'm sick of reading it in every book I pick up. That is why I enjoy Martin and Bakker best so far because they break away from that norm. And don't suggest a book to me unless it meets that standard. I will not read Harry Potter or Eragon, for they aren't real fantasy. Yeah, stop making that ugly look at me. Christopher Paulino or whatever is name is made money off of copy and paste. If you wanna discuss this further, I'd be glad to. Rowling made money off luck. As she put herself in an article I read, "it probably won't happen again". Tolkien, now, I respect.I don't feel the need to read his work or see Peter Jackson's take on it. I've read too much fantasy to ever be thrilled with Tolkien's plot. It's plastered all over the fantasy market. If you like him, fine, I got no issue with that, but just don't be bragging he's the best. That's false. George R. R. Martin shattered that title and took it for his own. Bakker is on his way of doing the same. True fantasy fans want more than just a hero with a happy ending. Favourite music I hate music so i'll make this my heroes section. Any person who breaks the norm and suceeds. Arya Stark, my favorite character EVER

Regonian Light: Chapter 6

This chapter shows the true Barbank.


A tribute to fire....hehehe...

Regonian Light: Chapter 2

FYI: A roc is a very large bird that was said to have lived off the coast of India. It is used in fantasy quite frequently.


A poem I wrote. Possibly my best.


My very first poem I ever wrote, believe it or not.

Clar: Chapter 1

Ok, this story is based in the same world as Regonian Light, but at a different time. Somewhere in between the start of Rhikin's imprisonment and a couple years before Barbank's birth. I might have Mike in Regonian Light, I dunno. I still haven't decided what to do with him. Well, this is Mike's story. The original start of this crazy ongoing series I had in my head. This is the story it ORIGINALLY all began with. Before I even knew of Barbank or the Candle. Like back when I was 10. Of course I added some stuff. Enjoy. And feel free to comment. In this chapter the story hasnt really started yet, but it'll get better.

Regonian Light: Chapter 3

This section explains Rose's involvement....sorta. It starts out, really. It's my first well sized chapter so I'm damn proud of it! lol. Enjoy!


I might use this in my story. I dunno. It's pretty basic.

Regonian Light: Chapter 5

Regonian Light: Chapter 7

I don't know, but this one is odd. I may think about rewriting it.

Regonian Light: Chapter 4

In this chapter....well, just read. lol

Peddler's Cry

It sorta speaks for itself.

Red Velvet - Part II

This chapter may not have that much, but it continues to desacribe some stuff. I think the end of this chapter is worth reading til. Whadda ya think?

Regonian Light: Prologue - Match

'Tis a classic battle between Darkness and Light... Since the beginning of time, two mages had been battling for control over the Candle Plain at a 1,000 year stalemate. One was Addim of the Light. The other was Malus of the Dark. Their swords, after the many years, creates a powerful entity. A neutral one, Smoke. The creature that forms is a lovely woman named Constance. She is a prophetess. She says there is a way to determine the ruler of the Candle. She tells the two that one day there will be a warrior of the Dark that will practice the Light. In order to help each side, she warns Addim to beware of a shadow and she tells Malus to beware of a rose. Not even she could understand the prophecy. No one could. What dangerous threat could a rose bring? Why would the Light have to worry about a shadow? What will this warmage of the Dark do to help determine a ruler of the Candle? That is what this story is all about......

Red Velvet - Part I

This is a tale about a woman's struggle to retrieve her husband and kill the evil one named Agar-Shabal. I really like this one so far.


This poem I wrote a long time ago and I've been meaning to put it up. It's a sample battle Barbank once fought (i dunno if I'll put it in the story) in poetic form.

Regonian Light: Chapter 1

In this chapter we find who the destined one is.