My website, Imaginator Central, hosts a larger selection of art and information. My deviantArt site is updated more often with sketches and stuff. I'm inspired by music; I listen to it often. While I find that (now) I enjoy Vocal Trance most, movie scores and piano music are the best for doing artwork. It's much easier to concentrate, and really keeps me in a steady pace while working. Vocal Trance works sometimes, but often I find myself bouncing along to the music and singing instead of working. :p Please do not make prints of my images. They'll come out crappy as they're only 72dpi and severely compressed. I don't mind downloading of my images to your harddrive for viewing, just no print making. Thank you. Requests/Commission Info Never took the chance, could’ve jump the fence I was scared of my own two feet Couldn’t cross the line, it was black and white No contrast to be seen What would you do? What would you do? Do you know? Was it all a joke, never had control I’m not better on my ownCarolina Liar, I'm Not Over Favourite music Vocal Trance, Classic Rock, Piano and Classical Guitar