Welcme, traveller! Welcome to my little place here at the woods! Don´t worry about the dark creatures that followed you up to this place - they are nothing but the spirits of undreamed nightmares, haunting the woods and waiting for a mind to make them come true. Just don´t fall asleep while they are around... But now, have a seat, grab yourself a cookie and some milk over there, and allow me to introduce myself.It´s been a long time since i´ve been travveling in these parts... i was a student (which in terms of law i am still), working on my final exams, but these are over now, and i am glad to see everything is as fine here as i left it. Now i reached a degree in the arts of history and the german language that will hopefully make me a good teacher quite soon.Anyways, you´re not here for that kind of story, are you? You are here for some art... well, i use a pencil to bring thoughts to paper. I do this since i discovered the effect of pushing some sort of pointy stick against a sheet of paper and found lines to be quite exciting. Today, i draw in my spare time, whenever i feel like, whatever i feel like, but mostly fantasy stuff. So, take a look around, enjoy what you see and if you like to, leave me a comment, be it whatever it may.Have a nice day :)