Bess Bunny queen' Catherine

Good morn! I'm Bess Catherine .. a 17 year old high school senior originally from Connecticut. I suppose being from a place with so much green and forresty areas I couldn't help but be attracted to nature and fantasy art. I'm a self taught 'math class' artist. I began doing portraiture (with serious realism) about a year ago. But my first love is really cartooning \ realism ... that half cartoon half 'well, mabye it'll jump off the page' feel. I LOVE ART! in all forms. I write, play the piano , sing and most of all Act. I hope to write and star in my own one woman show today. There's something incredibly... well.. magical about being on the stage :) My favorite medium is pencil. Character studies are something I'm very interested in, as are childrens book illustrations, so take a look at let me know what you think *closes her eyes and winces* bring on the comments! i can take it! * hehe* What can I say? It's good to be in the woods. *and the peasants rejoiced *huzzah* * - Bess a.k.a. (irischild)