Hana Běťáková

October 5th 2007 - Time to make some small updates in this...Since I was about five, I have been making up my own characters and stories about them. And because I like drawing, soon I tried to draw my characters. My stories are usually something between fantasy and sci-fi, but usually also not written, only in my mind. I'm trying to write more of them, but it's hard work. So I can show you only my characters and tell you a little bit about them.like books by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. And I am influenced by them, not only that I use Tolkien's language for some of my stories (Probably I'm not alone:-), but also with some of their ideals, I hope so. It's something very special to me. Lewis' life always gets me, his thoughts about desire are very important to me. As well as lots of beautiful places I have found in my country (Czech Republic) - not only our historical buildings, but also the nature. It must have influenced me very much.I love also pictures by J.R.R.T. and by Albrecht Dürer, especially his watercolours (but it's something absolutely unreachable for me). Since last update I decided to keep drawing and painting as a hobby, as a way of relaxing and turning my everlasting dreams into partial reality. But still I love being inspired by great artists.To my sources of inspiration also belongs music. My favourite musician is Mark Knopfler, because I'm really fond of guitar... (But I can't play it.) The others are e.g. Czech band Pacifik, Hungarian band Misztrál... or Antonín Dvorák and Bedrich Smetana, Czech classic componists. Classic music is quite suitable for fantasy.By the way, my nickname is 'Svišt', marmot or groundhog in English. And 'marmota' in Latin. It comes from one holiday camp. Yes, and my favourite colours are blue and white - especially together. I like Languages - right now English and Finnish; crafting; marmots (obviously); all beautiful things of this world... Favourite movies Do fairy-tale films count? If they do, then it's obviously the Czech fairy-tales like Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella or S certy nejsou žerty. Favourite books The Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion and the rest; The Chronicles of Narnia, Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra; The Princess and the Goblin; Discworld series (those I read), especially Wyrd Sisters; some others on the border of fantasy, like Viktor Dyk's Krysar