Bethany Davies

Sadly... I have not looked at this web page in about 4 years....... So I had one of those moments where I questioned my sanity by showing some of the pictures that I posted in middle school. I will keep them here because it reminds me that drawings can inprove over time..... anywhoo, if there are people who still look at this site, Awsome.  I will try harder to update now that I have something worthy of show.  I live in Japan now so I get ideas for pictures all the time, sadly I have NO free time.  That means the pictures in my head don't get a chance to be on paper.... I like Japan! I love Japanese people, and talking.....lots of talking. Pottery is also really fun (people keep telling me it is hard and dirty....but hay being covered in clay is like making mud pies when you were a kid! Why let the dirt go to waist! Favourite movies Anything that has a dragon is fine by me.... Favourite books I like Mercedes Lackey. Her books are ok and the cover art is always pretty. I love you Jody Lee!! Favourite music Japanese Rock....great insperation when drawing...uhh..kinda.