Bethany Moreau

Heya people! I'm Bethany and I love to draw! (hehe) No kidding, right? As for stats, I'm 18, short, blonde, and love shopping... I am totally into Japanese Anime, which can be a good or bad thing. For probably four years ...or so, I've been developing my skillz in Anime. Not everything I do is in that style however. I do end up drawing a realistic picture of my brother or sister here end there! I've been drawing on the walls since before I could tie my shoes and have been drawing (more often on paper now) ever since. Its a great stress reliever and I guess you could even say that I am addicted. I thought ever since I started a web comic for my highschool Senior Project I would see drawing as a burden, but the demand for updating the comic just pushes me to draw more. And I don't mind it one bit. I figure if I'm going to attend college for Art (Illustration, graphic arts... throw a little theater in there too!) I might as well try to improve my abilities. So I keep drawing... keep drawing... *sigh* In the future, I would love to become a character designer for a gaming industry... like Squaresoft. I'm am such the gaming nerd! I live for RPGs and if I had that job of testing games, my life would be complete! Haha, right. But I do pick up some ideas from games, in case you are a fellow game nerd and you notice that, wow... that looks like it came straight out of Final Fantasy... Yeah, it probably did. But anyway, I hope you enjoy my sketches... drawings... and stuff! Did I mention I enjoy writing as well? Its true! So I hope you like any of my stories and rants that pop up here and there!

What Annelie Read: Part II

What Annelie Read: Part I

Annelie was an innocent girl who read in too deep for her own good. She let herself fall in love with someone dangerous who couldn't push her far enough away to save her... This is a sad story of a girl, a vampire and his evil brother thrown together by chance.