Map of Vildir & Keplin

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map for story by Jenni: Serpent Sea- this is the realm of the Na-Jaï, or *water beast* KEPLIN- the land of Men Mount Forktongue - so named for the shadow the twin peaks form at dawn Slayder Peaks - so named for the mountain dwarf who obliterated the goblin inhabitants therein Potter Port - a port of both Men and Elves Potter's Village - a village of Men Rosewood Forest- a forest of sweet-smelling trees that bear fruit and flowers all year long Rain Valle- a small commune for the few elvish inhabitants of Keplin Winfall Lake- a lake fed by Snake Eye River Milmount Ridge- A difficult but necessary climb to reach the temple VILDIR- mostly grassland ruled by neither Elves nor Men. Palestone Point - so named for its rose-coloured sand and rocks Black Marsh- so named for its foul-smelling black mud, said to be the final resting place for literally hundreds of Elves and Men. Bloodwood Forest- so named for the deep red colour of the oaks that grow in this realm. Said to be inhabited by small pygmy-like men that lure young children and livestock deep into the woods for slaughter. Murku Lake-the lake in which no plants or fish thrive VALLEY OF THE LIVING- the land of Elves, so named by the Men who *wrote the history books* because of the mysterious healing power the land holds. Centuries ago, many Men and Elves fought wars to control this mystical land. Stargazer's Temple- A temple of dark (not evil) elves who practice their incantations by night. They protect all beings. Refuge of Light- so named for the bright crystals that are said to lead all lost in the Black Marsh or the Bloodwood forest to safety. THE LAND OF TILSHIR-The Lower Land of Elves Temple of the Sacred Stone- so named for the only wisdom stone (in reality, a fossilized dragon egg) recovered from Shadowstone lake. Shadowstone lake- once a nesting valley for over 200 dragons, was flooded by a sorcerer (of the heritage of man) to prevent another generation of *murderous lizards* roaming the plains. (ironically, these creatures were peace-loving and did not begin to attack villages until after their nesting grounds were destroyed, along with most of their eggs. However, the dragons remained on good terms with Elves, who are not as quick to destroy peaceful creatures.) Raventongue river- named for the dragons who once occupied Tilshir Crystal river-named for the bright coloured stones that rip to shreds any hoof or foot that attempts to cross without the use of the Charchee bridge. Creep's Fork- named for the hermit pygmy-elf that lives among the reeds. (careful! he bites!) Asp Creek- outsource of Crystal river Kingshead Crossing- the last stop before crossing the peaks and entering no man's land, Kingshead Crossing Inn rarely houses more than one or two weary travelers. Blackroot Range-aka *uncrossable peaks*, which is almost accurate Mount Lithilgard- The tallest peak

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