Kaguya Hime

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Elizabeth Krah

An interpretation of the Japanese mythical figure Kaguya Hime (Princess Kaguya) from Taketori Monogatari, The Bamboo-Cutter's Tale. Kaguya was found as a child in a stalk of bamboo by a bamboo-cutter. When she grew up, she gained five suitors determined to have her hand in marriage. So, she gave each one an impossible task to find one of five items: either the Jeweled Branch of Hourai, the Swallow's Cowrie Shell, the Jewel of the Dragon's Neck, the Robe of the Fire-rat, or the Stone Cup of Buddha. None of the five could find their item, so they tried to convince Kaguya with well-made imitations that they had had commisioned. Of course, Kaguya Hime isn't fooled, and she flies off to the moon to take on her role as princess there. (This, of course, is an extremely condensed version, you'd be better off reading it yourself) BTW, her eyebrows are the dot-type things over her eyes. Why? Because that was the style for Japanese noblewomen during the time most place the myth in. Women would pluck out their eyebrows and paint them back on about half-way up their foreheads. Another fashion of the time was to stain the teeth black, because without brushing your teeth, it's easier to go darker than lighter. Beauty in the eye of the beholder, indeed. . .

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