Elisabeth Lange

 Hi gang =) I haven’t updated this profile in a while, *wipes of dust* since i still was getting comments once in awhile over email , it seems only right to at least update this thing once in a while =) i update my profile at Deviantart often though, check it out ;) http://bette.deviantart.com/ and wow Elfwood changed since last i was here? *gasp* Anyway im 19 years old, i live in Denmark with my parents and two cats. I been drawing since i could hold a pencil and plan to continue drawing until I can’t hold one anymore ;) i try not to settle and keep improving myself, i love trying of new ideas and media, at the time i work mostly with pencil, photoshop and fimo clay. when i don’t draw or browse the net for awesome artist I use my time on my friends and reading fantasy books, many, fantasy books.   I like Art, music, books, nature, culture, animals, games, movies, lesbian news/history and the human mind >=D