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"There was a time I understood the world. Then I grew up." JN van Betteray 2006Ah, I see you have found your way into my shelf. I suspect you wandered over here or happened to step on a link. Well I must say I'm happy to have you here. Be free to sit down and read something. Now let me tell you something about myself:My name is Nicholaas (but just call me Nick, sounds much better) and I am a writer (or at least I pretend to be one) and I'm currently traveling along that endless, twisting and steep road that is called improvement. I hope that one day I am able to finish one of my stories and actually get it published. Born - Yes actually. In july 1989 in the city of NijmegenPlace of dwelling - A kingdom called the Netherlands or HollandEyecolor - BrownHair - BrownHeight - around 1,85 meters long (That's around 6 feet and 2 inches)Likes -  playing MTG (That's Magic the Gathering for those who don't know what I'm talking about) -  to read, mostly fantasy but other stuff's fine. - anime and anthros (especialy cat people) - the work of Tolkien, Lewis and others whose name I've forgotten.Dislikes - Vegetables - People who carry a small dog in their purse (I mean come on, poor dogs) - people who judge other on basis of etnic religous grounds - Snow that melts before it reaches the ground. And that's really all you need to know about me right now, If you have a question, don't hesitate to leave a comment or simply email me.       About my storiesMy stories take place in a world I created myself. I would reccomand you read at least a small part of the encyclopedia file to understand it. I do have some stories that do not take place in that world. I marked them by putting 09 in front of their titles. Reccomanded reading would be... everything!       Updates logbookMy most recent updates: Edit: 04-01-07: Yay! New year, new bio and soon new stories up. I've submitted my new stories and are currently waiting for a mod to approve them. Let's hope they'll be up soon. Oh and for new years resolutions I promise that I'll update more often.       Reccomanded listPeople I think you should visit, in no particular order (well it's alphabetacal but...Ya know ) Marcus W. Ager - The first person I had a real conversation with on elfwood. (Hell the first person who actually responded to one of my comments) Visit his shelf. He has an anthro story and he plays magic! Jordan J. Baker - She is relatively new to elfwood. A great writer for her age in my opinion. She's definately worth a visit. Victoria Bellamy - Another great writer for her age (man I'm starting to sound like I'm eighty) A really nice person who you've probably already seen in the wood somewhere. Courtney N. Rodgers - My weird neighbour girl who got onto elfwood the same minuet I did (I believe that makes her my elfwood twin).  She has some really funny stories. folow the link to her site or just press the next button. Jodie Kirk - A new writer from which I'm anticipating some great work. You should also visit her art page, where she has some great art up. Musty Zein - Has some great stories with nice dark humor. definatly worth a visit too.     WARNING!!!Comments are welcome, I'll reply to most of them but comments that take up rediculous amounts of space (this doesn't mean I don't appreciate long comments, it means I hate very wide comments that make my pages sidescrolling) or are insulting/uses f-words will be edited or deleted. I'll listen to all of your crits and tips and I'll always try to return the favor by visiting you too. Oh and of course I trust you all have the decency to know what's yours and what's not, SO NO STEALING, PIRATES YE BE WARNED, If I ever discover a story stolen from me I will send my army of tokens and minions after you and no matter if you have an Æther snap they will get you. (yes I realize I play way to much magic) That's all for now. Have fun.-Nick-

Essence Part 1

The first peice of my main story! Reccomended reading from the encylopedia: section Groups, subsection Rimmhunters (There seems to be a slight problem with this story. If you want to read it the easiest thing is to copy it and paste it into word)

09 The library behind the book

Adrian accidentally gets magicly transported to a place he doesn't know and where he doesn't want to be. A random story I have written after thinking up about twenty jokes and ideas I could never use in my main story, so I created a story for them. Most of them didn't end up in here though. I tried writing it in a different style then how I usually write. I am not certain I like this one. Part of me does, part of me doesn't. Please give me your thoughts about this one.

09 A tribute

For all you writers out there.

The prophecy

My Intro (and small history lesson) for my main story. (There seems to be a slight problem with this story. If you want to read it the easiest thing is to copy it and paste it into word)


This file explains somethings about my world. It's recommended that you read the classes, races and places sections befor reading my other stories set in this world. I'll tell you which sections are necessary to know in the description of my stories. Names mentioned in this file may change. Updates: added more stuff and an Index. Reccomended reading for those who want a headache: the energy part.