Betty Chen

I'm an animation student currently enjoying her first summer with no homework and no all-nighters, and currently boiling in the heat. PFF x3;; ... =D I'm currently working on finishing my latest sketchbook, a poor little thing that's tattered to bits due to two years of mistreatment. I am heavily influenced by Japanese mangaka and various game character designers. I prefer rain to sunshine =3. More info in the SF&F gallery. Last updated 4/05/04 I've got caught up in quite a few new fandoms =D. Namely Get Backers, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Peacemaker Kurogane. I'm anticipating FF:Advent Chldren X3;; fufuu.. can't wait to see the flood of fanart when that gets released =D A note for people wondering who 'Yanming Chen' is, on the logo and signature in the updated pictures. >_> It comes from the 'Y' in the above full name at the top 9_9;;