Well Ive never written one of these things before seeing as this is my first attempt at an art page. Since Im using the hints provided by the creater of the public information page I might as well state the questions they use before I answer them. Who am I? Well thats a complicated question that I may not even know the answer to... so summing it up, Im Beverly. Im 15 and I go to Lake Norman High in North Carolina. Im in a more or less happy foster home. I have a boyfriend who is also my best friend and who I love so thus makes up my better half. I am a D average student and only a D because art grades bring it up. My favourite things = Jeremy, animated shows, art, fantasy books, sleep, gaming (rpgs for the most part), and food. Why do I paint or write? Hmm... I dont use acrylics very often though I worship a good set of water colours. Mostly pencil and pen Im afraid. I do write but Im getting a little lazy on that particular type of art. Why though? I could say several things, like because I value self expression, or admire the arts, or that I want to invest in my natural talents. Not saying that these things arnt more or less true, because they certainally are, but really because the arts are the only thing that I can do wholeheartedly and without any self restraint. I can do them in any mood. And when I am drawing or writing I can let go in the action of my pencil running along the page with out having to think about anything else. Sparing you the horrible poetic continuation of that certain question I'll move on to the next. What inspires me? Things Ive gone through or that Im currently expirenceing, situations that I see, books that Ive read, surfing elfwood art for several hours, or simply the first thing that I see when I look down at a blank piece of paper. What are my goals? I dont have any really... Im apathetic in almost everything I do and my future is not high on my list of concearning things so, long term and short, Im empty in that subject all for two, make him happy and grow in my artistic abilitys. But instead of continuing the torture that is my description Im going to wrap all this up. I hope you enjoy my art work, feel free to leave as many comments or lack there of as you wish. But as a note of forwarning only constructive criticism is accepted and judgemental, racial, or obscene comments will be deleted. Thank you for visiting my gallery and good day.