Becca Lusher

 And so after well over a year of inactivity on my part, I think it's safe to say my time on Elfwood is effectively over.  Thank you, everybody, for your comments, support, madness, and wonderful stories over the years. I love you all *snugs and hugs*If you still want to read my stories, or just keep in touch, come find me on, username 'saiena'. I have short stories and snippets there.For the longer stuff, come and introduce yourselves, and I'll add you to the filter on my writing journal - aislinena.Thank you.

Ice Heart

In the aftermath of the events of Blitzkrieg Nawaquí struggles with the alien concepts of love and guilt. Like everything else though, he is determined to over come it. Some might say his methods are extreme - he simply does what's necessary. Yet not everything is that straight forward... is it, Zao? Final installment of Alyssa's stories, because this has to be yours, but not everything in this setting ^_^ I'd be writing you stories forever else.

Still Waters 00-02

In the woods that border Lake Dasidhne things stir in the darkness, some that come from the very waters themselves. Beware of the Kelpies! All opening quotes taken from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Síe is the local name for the Fae of this world. Duhsíe means non-fae and is the general name for humans.

Black Horses

Something of another prologue to Still Waters for those who are interested. In it we meet Angharad, a mother of an unruly brood, including a young girl named Anwen, who seems to be enamoured of a Síe horse... Oh and you'll meet Idris too, who also shows up in Still Waters later on. Notes Cariad - A term of endearment

A Touch of Cinnamon (a)

Before the crash I reached my 3000th Main Page comment, and seeing as I had already started it, I thought I'd finish it anyway. So this is Brandi's prize comment. In the world of Idyllium things are less ideal then they seem. Cinnamon dreams of the world beyond the mountains, but things start changing a little closer to home. Who is the mysterious Mint? And what does the strange Tarragon want?

Still Waters 03-05

In which Anwen learns that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction *winces* All translations at the end, and chapter quotes are Shakespeare.

Elsewise - A Middle

In which there is an elf...

Elsewise - An Interlude

In which there is a cat. (No, I've given up trying to work this story out too ;)

A Touch of Cinnamon (b)

Second half of Brandi's centaur story. I love writing centaurs ^_^ Cinnamon begins to understand what is happening around her, while Tarragon tries to explain. But events overtake them, and there are others out there who have different ideas...

Torment Of Voices

So it is the return of the psycho monologues. This is for and requested by Gabs although i am a little hesitent to dedicate this to anyone...but if it makes you happy ;) Confessions and Tombs were here before, removed for space, but now i have added Control, just as another slice of insanity...can we see a progression in these? Hold on to your sanity...and enjoy ^_^ Okay a fourth proof of my deteriorating sanity...yes i have managed to write four of these and this latest ones is the most subversive of the lot - proof of why i should not be writing things at 11pm on a sunday matter how short they are. Confused? You will be ;)

Still Waters 06-08

In which Anwen faces up to the reality of being thrown out of the village, while Cíar feels the restraint of a life debt. Meet Cíar's family! Deals are made, alliances formed and subverted in true Síe style. Oh, and Rhys finally gets to have his say. Notes All chapter quotes from Shakespeare and all translation at the end, except: Duhsíe - human/non-Síe Síeth - Magic For those who want more... Check out the links on my profile page ^__^ Thank you!

Elsewise - A Beginning

Princess Jezebel wasn't quite raised in the conventional way, and long ago learned that if you want something done you've got to do it yourself. Only, no one told her that fairy tales were so difficult! Sometimes life just isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm working on the rest...

Sleeping Duty

Short, strange and just one of those tales. In a tower, in the midst of an unknown, enchanted land there lives a cat, known as Aislinn, and she wants to tell you things from her perspective. Fairy tales - they're just there to be tampered with ;) A birthday present for Becky and written with a migraine. I plead insanity in my defence.