Prince Wesli

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The Dralion tribe is a race of light-footed dragons that maintain a disconnection from the other races of their world by living high up in the mountains. They were last seen almost five hundred years ago, when a great war raged between the humans and the fiery dragons from the west kingdom. The Dralions had come to the aid of man, but suffered a humiliating defeat when their armor, crafted by the humans, greatly reduced their dexterity and transformed them into sitting ducks. After the war was over, the surviving Dralion population returned to their home in the mountains, with a relentless distaste for humans, never to be seen again. Countless adventurers have set out over the years to rediscover this 'lost race' of dragons, but the Dralions' white coat makes them near invisible to the naked eye. Each member possesses the voice of a siren, which, when heard, could entice a large group of people into peaceful slumber. It is an ancient tradition, extending back thousands of years, that when there is a birth within the royal family a round stone of sapphire is planted on the newborn's forehead, which contains the magic of their ancestors. The infant then grows, the blue stone a part of them until their inevitable death, where they then leave a bit of their magic behind for future generations, becoming a part of the stone forever. Prince Wesli was different. Even in his early years he showed signs of rebellion, being caught parading about in 'clothes' by his father; a huge offense in the Dralion culture. Though Wesli was very defiant against the ways of his clan, he was exceptionally bright and devious for his age, often leading to felonious behavior. It wasn't until his hundred and eighty-seventh birthday (seventeenth in human years) that he abandoned his people, exhausted from listening to the incessant rambling of his father and the elders. It wasn't long before he met someone; a human, and the most unexpected of all. ----- Wesli is another RP character of mine. This is his human form, granted to him by the Gate Keeper himself. Since the Dralions communicate through song, he always has his flute, seeing as how he finds human voices to be...ugly? The gold band is to hide the stone on his forehead, which some people would kill to get. Even though there are some things I could fix, this has to be my best anime art to date. Done in pen. Expect a CGed version in the near future.

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