Jennifer Osterman

I am a 26 year old graduate of the Michigan State University college of Natural Sciences. I have been drawing for years--since I can remember. I am a dragon fanatic, simply because I love the versatility of their form, and I love eking expression out of a reptilian visage. Despite my parents' urgings to become an English major and my friends' pleadings to become an art major, I struck out in a rebellious frenzy and told them all that I wanted nothing more than to be a veterinarian. So, here I am, with a degree in zoology, a practically useless degree, having spent time doing genetic research on mosquitoes, extracting stress hormones from cattle, cataloguing the greeting behaviors of the Spotted Hyens, now a proud graduate of the Veterinary Technology program at Macomb Community College. I finally, after six months of sweating, recieved my national and state license (don't get me started on the pains it took to get there, even after passing my board exams!) Drawing takes the sideline, along with my writing, but it is a serious hobby. Most of my artwork never leaves the pencil-sketch stage or the detailed pen drawings that litter my notebooks, and those that have seem to end up as watercolors or oils, though I do have a fondness for colored pencil, which I keep telling myself I should explore further.