Dustin Mann

If you'd like to commission a custon tattoo design from me go to sites.google.com/site/bigdstattoodesign  i have always loved fantasy art and although I'm only 19 i am a good inspiring artist i am a fan of almost all fantasy I'm a Christian music artist and hopefully soon i will be an author i also deal with architecture and am in a few building programs as well as National Art Honor Society.i also love nature fishing hiking its all fun, i like to shoot bows and arrows but will not kill an animal for fun only if it is a last resort to survive, i am a true gamer love X-box live I'm under bigdking1992 if you play and want to look me up, and when it comes to drawing i am fond of DRAGONS they are my specialty and my friends seem to agree i also like to draw wolves both normal and were-, I do commission work as well so if u would like something drawn for a BOOK, WEBSITE, POSTERS, (TATTOO DESIGNS NOT THE TATTOO ITSELF), etc. you can contact me at www.bigdking@yahoo.com prices will depend on the details and size but are definitely reasonable for i really do this because i love art and how it makes others appreciate itwhen it comes to sports i used to play football, not soccer for those who speak Spanish,  but that changed I've devoted my interests and talents to wrestling and over time i have accumulated 12 blue ribbons 1st, a yellow 4th from my second year  (one blue, the yellow are from the county tournaments), a gold trophy, and a silver and bronze medal. I also practice martial arts of varying styles, this blend of styles takes the best fundamental moves from different regions making a truly mixed martial art.if you want some personal details here you go my own description:6'4"270lbswell fit workout constantly to maintain wrestling fitnessbrown hair, usually full beard  I like i love drawing, fishing, i am a christian musician and do other types of song writing, and i also am fond of martial arts, drawing to me is more than a hobby it allows me to release my inner self and to inspire others to do the same Favourite movies i love naruto and other shows like it, as well as about anything with dragons in it my favorite creature horror pictures are a must when hanging with friends the classic animes are my favorite: voltron, DBZ, TRANSFORMERS and book related shows eragon, lord of the rings, twilight, etc. AVATAR IS A MUST SEE!!! ninja assassin, I Am Legend Favourite books in my opinion Eragon is the best book written, lord of the rings is a must, Tolkien is a great author umm the twilight series is good and whatever else attracts my interest Favourite music i love rock/metal GODSMACK, kill switch engage, black sabbath, hinder, lincoln park, CREED, drowning pool, DISTURBED, Blackstonecherry, evanescence, etc. and my Christian music, kind of opposites but what can i say, ohh and country depends though, Toby Kieth is my favorite, trace adkins, tim mcgraw, and a classic uncle kracker Follow me his best song.