May Wild

 -          I have meany personalities, I don't know why I just do. Anyways, I'm Kimberley-May,formaly known as May or May Wild. I'm 15years old & Welshhh. ♥Loves... Jack Wild, Tea, Long walks, Dancing, Drawing, Photography, Laughing, Thinking, Cinema, 1960's-1970's, Vintage, Unordenery things, Helerious things, Boys, Cloths, Memories, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland, The Beatles, Family, Friends, Talking, My Phone, New places, The beach, Kayaking, Badminton, Lazy days, Music, Adrenalins, The sounds of Summer(H),Paul Mccartney. & Jack Wild(: I like Drawing, creating, going on the train to cardiff , going to cardiff , being with my firends , kayaking , listening to music Favourite movies I watch friends and scrubs these days , somtimes doctor who Favourite books ummmm. not much scifi but i love reeding random things Favourite music all really. 1960's are the best music era.